About Us

We are excited to introduce you to Go Next – a new and dynamic
esports organization that is poised to make waves in the gaming
industry. As a team of passionate professionals, we are committed to
providing a supportive and engaging environment where gamers can
unleash their potential and achieve greatness


Who are the CEOs?

The organization was created by Philippos Mamantzis, Jason Polizoidis,
and Christophoros Lagios. Every one of the founders of the team is a
successful businessman in his field. All three have a common passion
and goal. Everyone has to offer a lot in the organization in different

our plans

Our organization will focus on three main areas: building a
competitive esports team, creating content for our fans and
sponsors, and merchandise. Our team will consist of skilled
and dedicated players, supported by experienced coaches and
We are aiming to have the best content creators in different
gaming fields and game genres. Our goal is to offer tailor-made
campaigns for our partners.

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