Good news for GoNext fans! After failing to deliver on August 4, 2023, the apex team delivered as promised!

Recent events demonstrated that the squad is improving each and every day! On August 11, we attended the official scrims for the upcoming championship in Birmingham alongside groups B and C!

Following a stellar performance, Tsm took the first position with 68 points, followed by Moist Esports in second place with 58 points, and GoNext in third place with 55 points.

Our players, coach, and managers are more than happy with the level of growth in just seven days, and even though we didn’t win the scrims, we look forward to getting better.
The trophy is the only thing on our minds right now, and that is what the peak team’s immediate objective is!

And as we always say:
“Through hard work and insight into our mistakes, we will get better, stronger, and more consistent, and that is the belief of the organization:
If we lose while we are together – GoNext!
If we win while there is more to win – GoNext!

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