What Is The Future Of the GoNext Valorant Esports Team?

It’s time to give you an update on what the future holds for our Valorant¬†Esports Team now that we’ve shared our journey with you in VCL.

Exampl and Kha had to depart the squad after the Second Split, as we had previously stated, thus our scouting staff began seeking out players deserving of the chance to compete and achieve greatness with GoNext.

Everyone was thrilled when we recently announced the addition of Profek to our team on July 28. Profek is a well-known player in the Valorant scene and extremely knowledgeable about the game.

He and the rest of the team quickly adapted to one another’s playing styles, but what about the squad’s fifth player?

No official information has been released about the squad’s final member, but with the current lineup, Tsack/Chadi/Hussar/Profek appears revitalized and prepared to accomplish greatness for both themselves and the organization. This time, we are in it to win it.

Official updates may be found on our Instagram¬†and Twitter. If you’re interested in learning more about other esports competitions we take place, go here.

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